Documents related to voting issues for the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club can be downloaded and reviewed using the links below.

KNSC will be holding its Annual Meeting on Tuesday May 16th at The Orpheum Theater  426 Quincy Street  Hancock, MI 49930. Social at 6:00 pm with business meeting at 7:00. Cash bar for drink of your choice with pizza provided by the club.

The Board is proposing to expand the Club to a four season operation primarily bringing the mountain bikers onboard. To do this we need your approval vote for the proposed Bylaws and proposed Restated Articles of Incorporation. The vote will be completed at the Annual Meeting and while we encourage you to attend, you do not need to be there. You have the additional options of voting electronically or by proxy. Note that both individual and family memberships get only one vote. Membership is determined as enrolled members as of March 31, 2023. The proposed Bylaws and Restated Article of Incorporation can be viewed using the links below prior to casting your vote. An email linking to an electronic voting option will be distributed prior to May 8th for those members who have registered an email address with the club.

Other business to be conducted at the meeting will be election of a new Board. Per the old Bylaws the Board is renewed every year so all 9 members are up for reelection. Per the new Bylaws the membership will be approximately divided in groups of 3 with 3 year terms staggered with one third being replaced/renewed each year. Voting for Directors, including write-ins can be accomplished using the same procedures described above. 

We need a quorum which is 10% of our membership (10% of +/- 250) to conduct business, so please attend, vote here or submit a signed proxy form designating your proxy. You can send a scanned executed proxy form to Secretary Keith Meyers using address

Proposed Bylaws

Proposed Restated Articles of Incorporation

Proxy designation form

Note: Any executed proxy designation form should be returned by 1) mail addressed


P.O. Box 564

Hancock, MI 49930

2) or emailing a scanned executed form to:

However returned they must be received no later than 3:00 pm on May 16, 2023