Retro Ski – Sunday February 4, 2018

Retro Jay (DL)

Jay sports proper retro-skiing garb. Woolies are optional, but recommended!


Introducing:  “The Maasto Churning Grand Traverse”.

Skiers will meet at the Tomasi trailhead at 12:30 and head out for some fun backcountry skiing.

The route: We’ll start blazing trail almost right away, heading through the woods down to our Swedetown Creek fording spot. Next we’ll make our way to and over Ruby Marsh in Churning Rapids, then past the tower. We’ll glide on down Pow Pow and Finney Creek trail, then hit the groomed track to the Christensen Rd trail head.

The reward: After making all those tracks, we’ll retire to a local restaurant of the group’s choice for beverages and food. Plus smart talk and excellent stories, inspired by our epic ski!

Never done a “retro ski”? If you’ve got wood skis, bamboo poles, knickers and wool clothing – perfect! You’ll be stylin’. If you’ve got modern equipment and clothing – don’t let that stop you from joining the group. All skiers are welcome regardless of ability or equipment. 

“No-guts-no-glory” does not apply. If skier abilities vary widely, we can split into two groups – an easy and an extended tour – and still feast together after all are finished. Our route will use groomed trails several times, so anyone wanting a shorter/easier tour may leave the group at one of those points and ski to either the start or the finish. Yes, backcountry means breaking trail but don’t let that keep you home; we’ll have plenty of skiers to take turns at the front and no “real” retro-skier would mind if slower/tired/novice skiers follow their path. 

RSVP: Contact either Jay Green or John Diebel. We appreciate the reservation, as we’ll be arranging car shuttles ahead of the 12:30 start. Call also with questions or if you may be late.

Jay: home 487-5411 cell 370-1400 email

John: 281-1486 email

Regardless of the weather we will be skiing; severe weather may just change the route and length. Hope to see you there!